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Photos/Text courtesy of Tim Kent, Tuscumbia, AL
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(December 2009) Enlarge The house in the picture was here during the war. It would have been near the right flank of the Union line. Barton cemetery is directly behind the house about 200 yards. An interesting note here, this house used to face the old road and railroad, but when the highway was built about forty years ago, they turned the house around. It now faces south. I'm not sure who owned the house during the war, I've heard it was someone named Goodloe, but I can't verify that information

(December 2009) Enlarge 12 pound shell fragment from Landgraeber's artillery posted in the cemetery. Osterhaus said, the Confederates opened on us with rifled pieces planted on a hill to my immediate front...the heavier metal of the enemy's artillery, against which the 12-pounder howitzers of Landgraber's battery were inadequate, caused me to order one section of 20 pounder Parrotts, of Fourth Ohio Battery, to relieve Landgraber's pieces


Captain James C. Cameron commanding Company A, 1st Alabama Cavalry (U.S.). He was killed in a skirmish on this same field almost a year earlier. He was carried home and buried in a family cemetery in Ottawa, Illinois. He was originally a member of Company E, 64th Illinois Infantry


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