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Photos/text courtesy of Scott Payne, NY
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(2009) Enlarge Pipe and beaded necklace were made by Elmira prisoners
Hand-carved by an Elmira prisoner. CSA, MY MD on end. The pipe was probably carved by a Maryland soldier. "Maryland, My Maryland" was a popular song for those from Maryland. Maryland had both Union and Confederate regiments, each had a First Maryland
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(2009) Enlarge Close-up



(2009) Enlarge Confederate battle flag, Elmira and 1864 were carved into the pipe during this soldiers "visit" to Elmira Prison

(2009) Enlarge Excerpts From William Grambling's Diary

Grambling was from Tallahassee, Florida. These pages were written during the hottest part of the camp's existence


(2009) Enlarge Elmira artifacts


(2009) Enlarge Period photo of the camp

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