Chemung Valley History Museum
Elmira, New York

Photos/text courtesy of Scott Payne, NY
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Elmira Prison

Woodlawn National Cemetery

The Chemung Valley History Museum. The museum is located on 415 East Water Street, Elmira, NY.
The museum is located in the former Chemung Canal Bank, an 1833 structure listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This building is the oldest commercial structure in Elmira.
In 1833 the State Legislature chartered a new bank, formed to serve the needs of the people and commerce of Chemung County. The Chemung Canal bank thus began operation in the same year that the Chemung Canal opened. The bank became the home of the Chemung Valley History Museum in 1977. The building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


The Chemung Valley History Museum
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(2009) Enlarge A Union "soldier" guards the Civil War exhibit




(2009) Enlarge The Elmira civil war exhibit


(2009) Enlarge Placard by civil war exhibit


(2009) Enlarge Exhibit detail


(2009) Enlarge Barracks sign from Elmira Prison Camp

Before "Helmira" existed, Camp Chemung was a training ground for many local regiments, including the 107th NYVI. It was also a major mustering point for most of Southern New York

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