Grant's March in Louisiana
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1. Louisiana Historical Maps
2. Vicksburg NMP - Louisiana Operations 1862-1863

3. Vicksburg NMP - Vicksburg Campaign and Siege
4. Madison Parish, LA Historical and Genealogical Data
6. Madison Parish Civil War Canals

Official Records Map: Madison Parish, LA and Warren and Claiborne counties in Mississippi

Bayou Du Rosset
Bayou Vidal
Brierfield (Jefferson Davis Plantation)
Choctaw Bayou
Crescent Plantation
Dalkeith Plantation  2
Davis Island
Dr. Bowie's Plantation
Dunbar's Plantation  2
Franklin Plantation (Dr. Bowie's)
Hard Times Landing  2
Holmes' Plantation
Holt's Bayou
Hovey Cuts a Road
Hurricane (Joseph Davis Plantation)
Joan Plantation
Lake Bruin
Lake St. Joseph
Lum's Depot
Madison Parish Court House
Mill Bayou
Milliken's Bend
Negro Bayou
New Carthage
Oakgrove Plantation
Palmyra Bend
Perkins' Plantation  2
Pointe Clear
Roundaway Bayou  2
Smith's Plantation
Somerset Plantation  2
Sturget Plantation
Trinidad Plantation
Tuscumbia Bend
Vicksburg, Shreveport, & Texas Railroad
Walnut Bayou  2  3  4
Winter Quarters
Young's Point
Yucatan Lake

(March 2009) Enlarge Area west of Mississippi River at Milliken's Bend. Arrow points to a trace of wartime Walnut Bayou. Thomastown Road near Mississippi River levee
Federal troops were stationed at Milliken's Bend and Young's Point in preparation for Grant's final move on Vicksburg

(March 1997) Interpretive Markers on Thomastown Road near Milliken's Bend: Battle of Milliken's Bend     Grant's March

(2006) Enlarge Milliken's Bend
Richard Edling photo

(March 2009) Enlarge Zoomed view looking west from levee at Milliken's Bend. Trace of wartime Walnut Bayou in center of picture

(March 2009) Enlarge Unzoomed view looking west from camera position in previous photo.


(March 2009) Enlarge Mississippi River at Milliken's Bend

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