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(7-95) Battlefield Tour Stop 2 (Ray House and Cornfield). Ray Springhouse, Bloody Hill in background (cleared area)

Site Marker: In the valley just below is a stone springhouse, part of the historic property of John Ray, whose house stands on the hill above you. The springhouse provided water, and also a cool place to store milk, eggs, butter, vegetables, and other perishables. During and after the battle, the Ray's house served as a field hospital for the Confederates. Soldiers, and the Ray children, carried cool water from the springhouse for the wounded to drink. Surgeons also used the water to wash wounds and to cleanse their surgical instruments

(7-95) Battlefield Tour Stop 2 (Ray House and Cornfield)

Site Marker: Fight in Ray's Cornfield: John Ray watched the first stage of the Union defeat from the porch behind you. At 6:30 in the morning, August 10, 1861, soldiers appeared in his cornfield. The cornfield is the fenced high ground in front of you, just beyond Ray's springhouse

(7-95) Old Wire Road south of the Ray house

(7-95) Battlefield Tour Stop 3 (Pulaski Arkansas Battery and Price's Headquarters)

1995 Tour Guide: From the wooded ridge to the northwest, the cannon of the Pulaski Arkansas Battery opened fire on Bloody Hill, halting the Union advance and giving Confederates infantry time to form into line of battle and attack Lyon's forces. This battery from Little Rock, Ark., fired on Lyon's forces on Bloody Hill throughout the battle. Near here to the west, Maj. Gen. Sterling Price, commander of the Missouri State Guard, established his headquarters in the yard of William Edwards' home in the middle of the 12,000-man camp of the Southern army. It was here that Price and Gen. Benjamin McCulloch first learned of the Union attack. A hiking trail leads to these two sites which were not visited

(11-08) Edwards Cabin: Headquarters of Gen. Sterling Price
Courtesy of Tim Kent, Tuscumbia, AL
  (11-08) Edwards Cabin
Courtesy of Tim Kent, Tuscumbia, AL

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