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(7-95) Wilson's Creek near the south end of the battlefield

(7-95) Battlefield Tour Stop 4 (Sigel's Second Position), southeast view

1995 Tour Guide: On the ridge across Wilson's Creek to your left, Col. Franz Sigel's Union artillery heard Lyon's attack to the north and opened fire on the 2,300 Southern cavalry camped in this field. the Confederates were routed and fled into the woods to the north and west. Crossing to this side of the creek, Sigel halted about a quarter mile in front of you and formed his 1,200-man force into line of battle to oppose a Confederate cavalry regiment positioned in the north end of this field. After a 20-minute artillery bombardment, the Southerners withdrew and Sigel continued his advance


(7-95) Battlefield Tour Stop 5 (Sigel's Final Position), south view

1995 Tour Guide: Sigel halted his advance on this hillside and formed his men into line of battle across the Wire Road. Here he was attacked and defeated by Confederate troops, whom he mistook for a Federal regiment. This critical error proved very costly, as it turned the tide of the battle in favor of the Confederates

(7-95) Battlefield Tour Stop 6 (Guibor's Battery), north view toward the crest of Bloody Hill

1995 Tour Guide: Not far from here Capt. Henry Guibor placed his battery in position with the Confederate line of battle. From its position, the battery dueled with Union artillery on the crest of Bloody Hill. On three separate occasions Confederate infantry mounted attacks through these fields and woods, but the Union line held and each attack was defeated. When the Southerners made their fourth assault up this hill, they found the Federals had abandoned the crest and were retreating

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