Battle of Wilson's Creek, Missouri

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1. Loren Drummond, WI
2. Dan McCormick, NV
3. Jason Scott, MO
4. Tim Kent, AL
5. Walter Kasperczyk, NY
6. William J. Bechmann III, Cincinnati, OH
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Battlefield Map
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Jacob Scott
Loren Drummond
Walter Kasperczyk
4. William J. Bechmann III
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Wilson's Creek
Civil War Museum

Wilson's Creek

Battlefield Map
Bloody Hill    2   3   4   5
Edgar Cemetery
Edwards Cabin   2
Gibson's Mill   2
Guibor's Battery   2   3
Historic Overlook
Lyon Death Site   2   3
NPS Visitor Center   2
Old Wire Road   2
Price Headquarters   2   3   4
Pulaski Arkansas Battery   2
Ray Cornfield   2
Ray House   2
Ray Springhouse
Sharp's Woods
Sigel's Second Position   2
Sigel's Final Position   2
Sink Hole
Totten's Battery
Wilson's Creek   2
Wilson's Creek Civil War Museum

(7-95) Entrance to Wilson's Creek National Battlefield, SH-ZZ, 10 miles southwest of Springfield

(7-95) Visitors Center Display

(7-95) Visitors Center Display

(7-95) Visitors Center Display, death of Union General Lyon at Bloody Hill

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