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(6-93) Route 355 (Georgetown Pike) crossing of the Monocacy River, 0.1 mile north of Gambrill Mill (old visitor center)

(6-93) Route 355 (Georgetown Pike) entrance to the Monocacy National Battlefield. The tour route has much expanded since 1993


(6-93) Gambrill Mill (old visitor center)

(6-93) Maryland (left) and Confederate Monuments, approximately one mile north of the Route 355 Monocacy River Bridge. The Maryland Civil War Centennial Commission dedicated their monument on July 9, 1964, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Monocacy. The Confederate Monument was erected in 1914 by the Fitzhugh Lee Chapter of United Daughters of the Confederacy, Frederick, Maryland
See Page1 for close-ups of the memorials


(6-93) New Jersey Monument, Route 355 just north of the Monocacy River Bridge. This monument to the 14th New Jersey Regiment was the first of the several monuments to be erected on the battlefield. It was unveiled on July 11, 1907
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July 2007 view of the monument


(6-93) Pennsylvania Monument. This monument was the second to be placed on the battlefield. It was unveiled on November 24, 1908


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