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Don Worth, UCLA
Brian Risher, MS
Chris Shelton, IN
Richard Edling, PA
Webmaster, OK
Andrew Turnier
James Neel, TX
Paul Stanfield, TN
John Cardozo, FL


Richard Edling Photos (October 2008)
1. Carnton Plantation

2. McGavock Cemetery
3. Winstead Hill
4. Eastern Flank of Battlefield

5. Collins' Farm
6. Cotton Gin Assault
7. Former Pizza Hut site
8. Opdycke's Brigade
9. Carter House
Battle of Franklin Photos:
2008 Photos from Rich Edling
Army of Tennessee Mon.
Bate's Div. Marker (CSA)
Battle Ground Academy
Brigadier's Walk
Brown's Div. Marker (CSA)
Bucket of Blood
Carnton   2   3   4   5
Carter Gin   2   3   4   5   6   7   8
Carter House   2   3   4   5   6
Carter House Garden
Cleburne Division Marker   2
Cleburne Memorial   2   3
Collins' Farm
Columbia Pike   2   3   4
Confederate Cem  2  3  4  5  6  7
Confederate Monument
Earthworks   2   3   4
Eastern Flank of Battlefield   2
Entrenchments (Union)
Figuers Bluff
Fort Granger   2   3
Franklin-Columbia Pike
Franklin Depot
Gen. Adams Marker   2
Gen. Adams Memorial
Gen. Carter Marker
Gen. Carter Memorial
Gen. Cleburne Marker   2   3   4
Gen. Cockrell's Bgde Mon.   2
Gen. Gist Marker
Gen. Gist Memorial
Gen. Granbury Marker
Gen. Granbury Memorial
Gen. Hood Last Conference
Gen. Hood Marker
Gen. Schofield Marker
Gen. Schofield's HQ
Gen. Strahl Marker
Gen. Strahl Memorial
Harpeth River   2
Harrison House
Lot 60
Lotz House   2
Main Federal Entrenchments
McGavock Cem  2  3  4  5  6  7  8
McGavock House   2   3   4
Mississippi Monument
Opdycke's Brigade Marker
Pinkerton Park
Pizza Hut Site  2   3
Raised Relief Map   2
Retreat from Nashville
Retrenchments (Union)   2
St. Paul's Episcopal Church
Tennessee Monument
Tod Carter
UDC Marker
Williamson Cty Court House
Winstead Hill   2   3   4   5
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(July 2006The Harrison House, Franklin-Columbia Pike, south of Franklin
Interpretive Marker: The Civil War touched this house. Here, Sept. 2, 1864, the mortally wounded Brig. Gen. John H. Kelly, CSA, was brought after the affair between his cavalry division and Federals under Brig. Gen. James D. Brownlow. He was buried in the garden, in 1866 reinterred in Mobile. Here Gen. Hood held his last staff conference before committing his army to the Battle of Franklin, Nov. 30, 1864. Here the wounded Brig. Gen. John C. Carter was brought after that battle. He died Dec. 10, 1864, and was buried in Columbia, 16 mi. south
Webmaster photo

(June 2013) Enlarge Winstead Hill
This reproduction cannon represents one of the very few present for the Confederates in the Battle of Franklin
James Neel photo


(October 2008) Enlarge  Detail-1  Detail-2 Winstead Hill
Detailed raised relief map of the Franklin Battlefield
Richard Edling photo

(June 2013) Enlarge Winstead Hill
When Confederate General John Bell Hood arrived on Winstead Hill and looked out on the scene above, it was very different than it appears today; mercifully, the spring foliage helps conceal the Tractor Supply and shopping mall anchored by Target at its base, in exactly the area Confederate troops formed for their late-afternoon attack over two miles of open ground
James Neel photo


(October 2008) Enlarge Winstead Hill
Major General Patrick R. Cleburne, C.S.A. "Well, Govan, if we are to die let us die like men." Nov 30, 1864. Presented as a tribute to General Cleburne and his gallant division by Dr. and Mrs. David R. Watts
Richard Edling photo


(October 2008) Winstead Hill
Welcome to Winstead Hill Information Sign: Courtesy of the Sam Davis Camp #1293, SCV
Richard Edling photo

(October 2008) Enlarge Winstead Hill

TN Civil War Trails Interpretive Marker: Fateful Decision
Richard Edling photo
   (October 2008) Enlarge Winstead Hill
Interpretive Marker: Tennessee, A Grave Or A Free Home
Richard Edling photo

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