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Courtesy of Andrew Turnier, NC

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(3-08) Enlarge Pinkerton Park, Franklin, TN
Williamson County Interpretive Marker:
Fort Granger
The footbridge in the background crosses the Harpeth River. The park parallels the east bank of the river

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(3-08) Enlarge Fort Granger, Franklin
Tennessee Civil War Trails Interpretive Marker: Franklin Stronghold


(3-08) Enlarge Pinkerton Park
Figuers Bluff, site of Fort Granger. View looking north from the north boundary of Pinkerton Park

  (3-08) Enlarge Fort Granger
Harpeth River below the fort
(3-08) Enlarge Fort Granger
Powder magazine site

(3-08) Enlarge Fort Granger
Interpretive Marker: Fort Granger History - Powder Magazine and Cistern

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