The Battlefields of Manassas

The following August, 1985 photos and narratives are courtesy of Ed Conner, TN.  The first 15 photos are of areas primarily concerned with 1st Bull Run, the last 5 deal with 2nd Bull Run

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(1st Bull Run) This photo is of Union artillery (10-pounder James guns) on Matthews Hill. Fighting on Matthews Hill went back and forth in the morning hours of July 21, 1861 until Federal numbers began to tell, and the Confederates were forced to withdraw in the direction of Henry Hill

This is Henry Hill, in the middle distance through the gap in the trees, as seen from the Union artillery position on Matthews Hill


Position of the Staunton Artillery, under the command of Captain John D. Imboden, on Henry Hill. After the Confederate withdrawal from Matthews Hill, Imboden placed his guns here in an attempt to slow down the advance of some 15,000 Federals bearing down on Henry Hill from Matthews Hill. The Henry House can be seen in the background at the left of the photo

Matthews Hill as seen from the position of the Staunton Artillery on Henry Hill. The Stone House can be seen in the middle left of the photo

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