The Battlefields of Manassas
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The position of Rickett's Battery, with the Henry House in the background. The monument (next photo) to the right of the Henry House, surrounded by a split rail fence, is one of the oldest Civil War monuments in existence. It was erected in 1865 by Union troops to honor Federal soldiers killed in the 1st Battle of Bull Run

Henry Hill Monument


The Stone Bridge and Bull Run Creek. The Stone Bridge was used as an escape route by the Federals after both Battles of Bull Run, although the withdrawal during the Second Battle of Bull Run was far more orderly than the First

(2nd Bull Run) This simple frame structure is the Dogan House, the only surviving structure of the Civil War village of Groveton. In the beginning phases of 2nd Bull Run, General Richard S. Ewell was severely wounded at Groveton and as a result lost a leg. It seemed to have affected Ewell in his generalship; he was never the same aggressive commander he was after returning to the Army of Northern Virginia

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