The Battlefields of Manassas
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Another view of Jackson's Line on Henry Hill

This is a view of Henry Hill from Jackson's Line. Jackson's equestrian statue is to the left of the cannon in the foreground


 The equestrian statue of General Thomas J. Jackson sits on the spot where he earned one of the most famous nicknames in history: "Stonewall". The name was bestowed on him, history says, by General Bernard Bee of South Carolina shortly before he was mortally wounded. Bee's South Carolina troops were in a disorganized state; seeing Jackson's Virginians in line of battle waiting to take on the advancing Federals, Bee is purported to have said "There stands Jackson like a stonewall ! Rally behind the Virginians"

Some historians have advanced the theory that the statement by Bee was intended to be less than complimentary; he had seen his troops being hammered hard, and here was Jackson seemingly doing nothing to help. However it was meant, the name stuck and a Civil War legend was born

The view from Rickett's and Griffin's Batteries looking toward Jackson's Line. The white monument to the far right center of the photo is to General Bernard Bee of South Carolina, and marks the spot where he was mortally wounded

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