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(3-01) One of two half-mile interpretive trails at Brice's Cross Roads. The view is looking west toward the cross roads in the center background

(3-01) Site Marker: Confederate's second battle line. Pushing the Union forces back General Forrest slowly closed his pincers movement, forcing General Sturgis nearer the crossroads. This line was anchored on the Blackland Road 400 yards northwest. The southern end across the Guntown Road. Confederate units forming this line. Warren's and Williams battalions, 4th Alabama, Moreland's 7th Kentucky, 3rd Kentucky, 8th Kentucky, 12th Kentucky, Morton's and Rice's batteries, 7th Tennessee, 18th Mississippi, 16th Tennessee, 15th Tennessee, 19th Tennessee, 8th Mississippi, General Forrest's escort and Co's A and C of 12th Kentucky


0.1 mile west of Federal cavalry and artillery first battle line marker


(3-01) Site Marker: Federal's second battle line. General Sturgis was able to use his infantry here for the first time in the battle. General Forrest had beaten the Union cavalry before the infantry reached the battlefield. Infantry and cavalry formed this line. Infantry units engaged in this line: 95th Ohio, 113th Illinois, 120th Missouri, 35th Illinois, 81st Illinois, 114th Illinois, 93rd Indiana and 9th Minnesota. Cavalry units engaged in this line: General Sturgis' personal escort the 19th Pennsylvania blocking the Baldwyn Road, 3rd Iowa battalion and 4th Iowa

0.1 mile west of Confederate's second battle line marker

Corrections courtesy of the staff at Brices's Cross Roads Visitor Center (4-12-01). The Federal's second battle line marker was originally 50 yards east of this location. In 1998, the marker was moved to allow for safer parking. The Union battle line from left to right should read: 95th Ohio, 113th Illinois, 120th Illinois, 95th Illinois, 81st Illinois, 114th Illinois, 93rd Indiana and 9th Minnesota

(3-01) Interpretive trail marker across road from Federal's second battle line marker (right center of photo near the tree line). The marker here presents a general overview of the battle. Brice's Cross Roads National Battlefield Site and Bethany Cemetery in background

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