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(3-01) North view of Tishomingo Creek Overlook

(3-01) Markers for Tishomingo Creek Bridge and Barteau's flank movement. Tishomingo Creek Overlook in background. Site Marker: Tishomingo Creek Bridge. Retreating wagons blocked bridge. General Forrest captured 200 wagons, 14 pieces of artillery and hundreds of men. Artillery fire from the crossroads killed hundreds of Federals here. Site Marker: General Barteau's flank movement. Along the ridge northeast, General Barteau's 2nd Tennessee flanked the Union forces, creating havoc among white and negro soldiers of General Sturgis' command


Blue and Gray Magazine Summer 1999 Issue: Colonel Barteau's tablet incorrectly gives his rank as General, and the interpretation of the role of the Colored Troops is inconsistent with generally accepted accounts--including Mr. Bearss' feature article--of their splendid behavior in the battle


(10-2011Enlarge A replica of the Tishomingo Creek Bridge with interpretive sign

1. Info about the replica
2. More replica info
Photo by William J. Bechmann III, Cincinnati, OH


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