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(3-01) Site Marker: First shots of the Battle of Brice's Cross Roads were fired here at 9:30 morning of June 10, 1864. Scouts from General Nathan Bedford Forrest's 7th Tennessee (Confederate) met scouts from General Samuel D. Sturgis' 4th Missouri (Federal)

First of several markers erected in 1957 along SH-370, between Baldwyn and Brice's Cross Roads. At this location the modern road runs south of the wartime Baldwyn Road

(3-01) Site Marker: Advance forces of General Forrest and General Sturgis' Cavalry met in skirmish here. The 3rd, 7th, 8th and 12th Kentucky (Confederate) met the 4th Missouri, 3rd, 9th Illinois and 2nd New Jersey shortly before forming first battle line

0.3 mi. west of First shots marker


(3-01) Blue and Gray Magazine Tour Stop: Approximately 1/2 mile northwest of previous marker. Relic hunting in the area confirms that this field was in the path of the advance of Col. William A. Johnson's Alabama Brigade. Southeast view from county road

(3-01) Site Marker: Confederates first battle line formed here at 1:00 O'clock. General Forrest's men were all on the field ready for action. From a quarter of a mile north and extending more than a mile south across Guntown Road the Confederates formed a pincers movement against the enemy. Confederate units engaged in this line. From the northern end of the line, Warren's and Williams Battalions: 4th Alabama, Moreland's 7th, 3rd, 8th and 12th Kentucky, 7th Tennessee, 18th and 8th Mississippi and companies A and H of 12th Kentucky

1/2 mile west of Advance forces marker

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