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Last Updated February 16, 2013


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WELCOME to Gettysburg, a Virtual Tour

   This selection of CivilWarAlbum.com first went online in 2001 with over 450 photos, 48 panoramas and 18 maps courtesy of UCLA's Don Worth. Don's photos were taken during a summer 2001 guided tour of Gettysburg and the battlefield. In addition to Don's photos there are images from several contributors.
CivilWarAlbum.com is updated regularly, so be sure to check Latest Updates for links to recently added material.
We wish to extend a special Thank-you to the Contributors who have generously submitted their photos for display in the CivilWarAlbum.com Photo Albums. Enjoy your visit.

July 1, 1863
Cashtown: From Cashtown to Gettysburg for shoes
McPherson Ridge: Buford and Reynolds make a stand
Oak Hill: Rodes flanks the 1st Corps
Barlow's Knoll: Gordon's assault on Barlow
Coster Avenue: Coster's battle in the Brickyard
July 2, 1863
Black Horse Tavern Road: Longstreet's long march
Devil's Den: Hood's attack
Round Tops: The fight for Little Round Top
The Wheatfield & Peach Orchard
Longstreet's Last Attacks
Culp's Hill: Johnson vs Greene
Cemetery Hill: The Hays-Avery assault
North Cavalry Field: The Battle of Hunterstown
July 3, 1863
Pickett's Charge
East Cavalry Field: Stuart vs Gregg
South Cavalry Field

The Borough: Civilian experience in town
The Farms: Civilians nearby
The Hospitals  140th Reenactment Field Hospital
Evergreen Cemetery
140th Reenactment
National Cemetery
Visitor Center  New Visitor Center  Old Visitor Center Site
State Memorials
Battle of Fairfield
Shultz Woods
Generals Monuments
Jennie Wade House
Photo Contributors
Becky Laudenbacher, 2007
Richard Edling  Field Hospital (140th)  Gettysburg Hospitals
Shultz Woods  Little Round Top in the Snow  Gettysburg 2006
Emmitsburg  Wounding of Hancock, PA & VT Monuments
National Cemetery
Mick Burkey, 2006
Dave Smith, 1994
Melissa Spencer, July 2004
Don Rohner, November 2001
Walter Wells, 2002, 2003, 2006 & 2007
Ed Conner, March 1984 Snow
Jack Snyder, 2003  Devil's Den 2002  Gettysburg Nov 2008
Ethan Snyder, 2010  2
Tom L., July 2004
Alan M. Di Sciullo, Esq., 144th Gettysburg
Chris Shelton, 2008
Brian Duckworth, July 2008   Jennie Wade House
Lee Hohenstein, October 2007
Tom Johnston 2009
William Bozic, October 2009
George Petropol, April 2011
Nancy Wennberg, November 2011

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The Borough

The Farms

National Cemetery

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State Memorials
48 Gettysburg Panoramas
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