Vicksburg National Military Park
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(3-01) Enlarge 10" Mortar

(March 17, 2013) Enlarge Manufactured by Marshall & Company in St. Louis, this 12-pounder Howitzer was manned by members of Battery A, 1st Illinois Light Artillery. Known as the Chicago Light Artillery, the unit served this piece at Fort Donelson, Shiloh, Chickasaw Bayou, Arkansas Post, and Vicksburg. During the siege it saw action along the Graveyard Road (Tour Stop #5). In recognition of its gallant service, the unit received new cannon during the siege of Vicksburg. An inscription on the breech states that this gun had fired 1,900 rounds before it was retired from service in June 1863


(March 17, 2013) Enlarge  Detail Original surrender monument erected by Union occupation forces at the site of the surrender interview between Grant and Pemberton

    (3-02) Enlarge USS Cairo artifact display

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