Vicksburg National Military Park
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(3-02) Enlarge 1868 (Council of War)
Vicksburg newspaper article


(2-00) Enlarge Union Officer's Tent. NPS information: Most furnishings are originals, exceptions include the replica camp table and tent. Of special interest is the field desk used at Vicksburg by Captain Henry Ede, regimental quartermaster, 81st Illinois Volunteers

(3-95) U.S. Grant artifacts loaned by the Civil War Library and Museum in Philadelphia, PA. Sash: Presented for his victory at Vicksburg. Major General insignia: Worn during the Vicksburg Campaign. Pen: Used by President Abraham Lincoln to sign Grant's commission as Lieutenant General. Waist belt and buckle: Worn during the siege


(3-01) Sword carried by General Pemberton during the Siege of Vicksburg

(3-01) Enlarge Confederate Hospital Room. NPS: Most furnishings are original period pieces; replicas include the Confederate litter and soldier's jacket. The surgical kit, made by Gemrig of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is typical of those used by surgeons of both armies. Vicksburg's homes often served as hospitals for sick and wounded Confederate soldiers

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