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(3-01) Enlarge Shirley House. NPS 2000 Tour Guide: Union troops called it "the white house," and it is the only surviving wartime structure in the park. During the siege it served as headquarters for the 45th Illinois Infantry, members of which built hundreds of bombproof shelters around it to protect themselves against Confederate artillery fire. It has been restored to its 1863 appearance
Panorama: View from the Shirley Hous
e (Illinois Memorial and Battery Hickenlooper
Panorama: 360 from the Shirley House
Panorama: Shirley House and ravine east


Wartime view of Shirley House and bombproof shelters of the 45th Illinois

(2006) Enlarge
Richard Edling photo
  (2006) Enlarge
Richard Edling photo

(3-01) Enlarge Shirley House


(3-08) Enlarge Old Jackson Road east of Shirley House, looking east toward Battery McPherson


(3-08) Enlarge Old Jackson Road at Battery McPherson site, looking west. The battery is on the high ground to the left of the road cut


(3-96) Battery McPherson. East of Shirley House near trace of the Old Jackson Road. Site Marker: 1st United States (Siege Guns); Companies A, B, C, D, H, and I; 14th Div.: 13th Corps: Army of the Tennessee. Maj. Maurice Maloney. A detachment of the regiment, under Capt. Robert Hilton Offley, served two 30-pounder Parrott rifles from the afternoon of May 21 and two 9-inch muzzle loading Dahlgren guns from June 11, to June 19, in this position, Battery McPherson. The two Parrott rifles were moved to an advanced battery, June 19. The two Dahlgren guns were served in this position to the end of the siege, July 4, 1863. Capt. Robert Hilton Offley wounded, May 19

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