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Shirley House (Page3)

(3-97) White House Battery. Across Jackson Road from the Shirley House. Site Marker: U.S. Battery D, 1st Illinois Light Artillery; 3d Div.; 17th Corps; Army of the Tennessee. Capt. Henry A. Rogers; Lieut. George J. Wood; Capt. Frederick Sparrestrom. The battery served four 24-pounder howitzers in this position, White House Battery on both sides of the Jackson Road, from about May 26 to June 6; Capt. Henry A. Rogers killed on duty about May 29. One section was ordered to an advanced battery, June 6; The other section served its howitzers in this position to the end of the siege, July 4, 1863. The battery fired 5200 rounds of ammunition during the siege


(3-96) Gen. Logan statue. Old Jackson Road east of Shirley House

(3-03) Enlarge Marker near Jackson Road   (3-97) East view overlooking remains of Logan's Approach to the 3rd Louisiana Redan

(3-03) Back of Shirley House and the gravestone of James and Adeline Shirley


(3-96) Southwest view toward the Illinois Memorial. Remains of Logan's Approach to the Third Louisiana Redan at left center. Marker for Union Trench, Logan's Division at right

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