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Vicksburg's River Batteries

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Battery #4
Battery #12
Barnes Battery (Louisiana Circle)
Depot Battery
Devil's Backbone Battery
Fort Hill
Harwood House Battery
Marine Hospital Battery
Railroad Battery
River Battery: Capt. T.N. Johnston
South Fort
Upper Battery
Vaiden (Mississippi) Battery
Whig Office Battery
Wyman's Hill Battery

(March 2016) Enlarge Upper Water Battery: View looking north

US-61B below Fort Hill. This battery, located on the bank of the old Mississippi River below Fort Hill, commanded the river bend above Vicksburg. The Water Battery was one of the three most powerful batteries in the Vicksburg defenses.  Shortly after daylight on May 27, 1863, the Union ironclad, U.S.S. Cincinnati, was sunk by the combined fire of the Water Battery and other batteries


(March 2016) Enlarge Upper Water Battery:


(March 2016) Enlarge Upper Water Battery: View looking west toward the wartime bed of the Mississippi River


(March 2016) Enlarge Upper Water Battery: Interpretive Marker: C. S. Lynch's Company, Tennessee Heavy Artillery; River Batteries; Army of Vicksburg. Capt. J. P. Lynch


(March 2016) Enlarge Upper Water Battery: Fort Nogales (1791) marker at the battery site


(March 2016) Enlarge Upper Water Battery: View of Fort Hill from the battery site


(March 1992) Upper Water Battery: US-61B below Fort Hill. No related markers at site
Official Records Report (Vicksburg's River Batteries)
Col. Edward Higgins, Commander of Vicksburg River Batteries


(March 1992) Battery #13, Barnes Battery, detached unit of the Vicksburg National Military Park (Louisiana Circle): Washington St., north of South Fort. Commanding the river approach to Vicksburg to the south, the gun here participated in duels with ships of the Federal fleet and with Federal land-based artillery. The "Widow Blakely" was so named because it was made by an English firm by the name of Blakely and was the only Blakely in the Vicksburg defenses. During the siege the Widow Blakely was emplaced about one mile north of its present location. Site Marker: C.S., Marks' Company, 22d Louisiana; River Batteries: Army of Vicksburg, Capt. Washington Marks. A detachment of the Company, under Lieut. Samuel Barnes, served one 10-inch Columbiad in this position from about May 26 to the end of the defense, July 4, 1863

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