Lightburn's Approach to the Confederate
Stockade at left of Stockade Redan


(3-96) Ravine north of Stockade Redan. Site Marker: On the line of Buckland's Approach and beginning of Lightburn's Approach to the Confederate stockade between Stockade Redan on the Graveyard Road and the lunette to its left. Work on Lightburn's Approach commenced about June, 28, 1863, in charge of Col. Oscar Malmborg, 55th Illinois Infantry


(3-96) Edge of ravine near the stockade at left of Stockade Redan. Arrow is pointing toward the start of Lightburn's Approach at the bottom of the ravine. Site Marker at left: End of Lightburn's Approach to Confederate stockade. Carried to this point, July 3, and a gallery for a mine started but not finished. The head of the approach was covered for protection against Confederate hand grenades

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