VNMP Tour Stop 10
Stockade Redan

27th Louisiana Lunette 
Green Redan
Ewing's Approach
Buckland's Approach
Lightburn's Approach
Giles A. Smith's Approach
Battery E, 1st Illinois Light Artillery
Lowe's (Missouri) Battery
Union Battery Wood


March 17, 2013 Enlarge
Area Three Restoration
Vicksburg Battlefield Restoration
Confederate Position Tablet - Stockade Redan 
Union Position Tablet on North Face - Giles Smith's Brigade
Green's Brigade Marker
O. R. Reports of Approaches
O. R. Report of Capt. William Kossak, additional aide-de-camp, U.S. Army, Acting Engineer Officer (with Ewing Approach map)

(April 2014) Enlarge Back of Stockade Redan
Bill Bechmann photo

(March 17, 2013) Enlarge From 27th Louisiana Lunette to the Green Redan and Missouri Monument
(3-2011) Enlarge Stockade Redan from Graveyard Road

(March 17, 2013) Enlarge New interpretive marker at Stockade Redan

  (March 17, 2013) Enlarge The new marker

(3-2011) Enlarge Blue signs mark Ewing's Approach to Stockade Redan. NPS Tour Guide: The Federal failures on May 19 and 22 to overrun this fortification, the principal Confederate work guarding the Graveyard Road approach to Vicksburg, were major factors in Grant's decision to avoid any more direct assaults
Panorama: View from Stockade Redan
Panorama: View from Graveyard Road east of Stockade Redan
Panorama: G. A. Smith's Approach near Green Redan, south of Stockade Redan


(3-96) Rear of the redan at right, 27th Louisiana Lunette at left. The wooden stockade was across Graveyard Road near where the pickup is parked


(3-03) Rear of Stockade Redan from near the 27th Louisiana Lunette. A wooden stockade stood between the redan and the lunette

  (3-2011) Enlarge Graveyard Road from the redan

(3-2011) Enlarge North face of the redan


(3-2011) Enlarge East face of the redan. Red marker in background marks the line of the 36th Mississippi to June 2 and the 19th Arkansas from June 2

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