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(3-2020) Enlarge Interpretive Marker: Concentration of Troops. Marker is on Old Port Gibson Road at Jct. with Ross Road approximately 3 mi. east of the Rocky Springs town site and approximately 2 mi. west of the Crossroads. Big Sand Creek (below) is a short distance east of the this marker


(3-2020) Enlarge Concentration of Troops Interpretive Marker in previous photo
Three divisions of the XIII Corps camped here May 7-9, 1863, while a reserve division was at Little Sand Creek, two miles southwest. On May 8, Grant reviewed the troops here. On May 9, the XVII Corps marched through Reganton and turned toward Utica. After they had passed, the reserve division moved here. One of Sherman's XV Corps divisions marched to Rocky Springs while another remained at Hankinson's Ferry. By the end of May 9, Grant had concentrated more than 35,000 men within five miles of Rocky Springs.


(3-01) Enlarge Old Port Gibson Road crossing of Big Sand Creek. View is looking west. The vanguard of Grant's army, Osterhaus's Division of McClernand's Corps, arrived here May 5. The rest of the Corps arrived May 8. Sherman and one of his divisions camped here May 10

(3-01) Enlarge Big Sand Creek. View looking north from Old Port Gibson Road


(3-01) Enlarge Reganton, known as the Crossroads during the Civil War. East view from Old Port Gibson Road. Under orders from Grant, McPherson's Corps turned south here on Fisher Ferry Road marching to Utica, and later bringing on the May 12 battle of Raymond. The junction is just east of building at right

(3-2020) Enlarge Reganton. West view of the Crossroads and the Historic Crossroads marker. Old Port Gibson Road runs across the picture from left to right. The white building across the road is the Crossroads Store
Photo courtesy of the Historical Marker Database ( ''Historic Crossroads" page. Photo submitted by Mark Hilton of Montgomery, Alabama. My photo was blurred and I failed to check it. I know very little about photography, I just point and shoot


(3-2020) Enlarge The Historic Crossroads Interpretive Marker
 On May 9, two divisions of McPherson's XVII Corps marched to Reganton, then known as Crossroads and moved southeast toward Utica, camping at Meyer's Farm three miles southeast. On May 10, the XIII Corps marched through here from Big Sand Creek toward Cayuga and Fivemile Creek. Steele's division of the XV Corps moved to Big Sand Creek, while Tuttle's division remained at Rocky Springs. McPherson moved past Utica and camped at the Weeks Farm. Grant moved his headquarters from Rocky Springs to Cayuga.


(3-2020) Enlarge This view of the Crossroads is looking east. Fisher Ferry Road runs across the picture from left to right. The Historic Crossroads marker is partially visible behind the stop sign on the opposite of the road


(3-01) Enlarge Week's Farm site. View looking south from Utica Road. McPherson's Corps camped here the night of May 10, two days before the Battle of Raymond


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