Vicksburg Campaign, a Virtual Tour

Grant Moves Inland
(Crossing of Big Bayou Pierre, Battles of Raymond and Jackson)

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March 2003 Tour Photos
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Grant's Army Pushes Inland
Battle of Raymond
Battle of Jackson
Rocky Springs
5. Old Port Gibson Road: Civil War Route to Raymond
Bayou Pierre
Big Sand Creek
Cayuga Road
CSA Roadblock North of Grindstone Ford
Dillon Plantation
Fivemile Creek   2
Fourteenmile Creek   2
Grand Gulf Road
Grindstone Ford
Grindstone Ford  Wartime Bridge
Hardscrabble Crossroads
Headquarters Site  2  3  4  5  6
Ingleside Road   2
Kennison Creek
Little Sand Creek
Montgomery Bridge Road
March 2003 Tour Photos
Mt. Moriah
Mt. Moriah Road
Natchez Trace
Old Auburn
Port Gibson Road   2   3   4   5   6
Roach Plantation
Rocky Springs   2
Rocky Springs Methodist Church   2
Telegraph Road   2
Union Campsite  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10
Utica Road
Week's Plantation Site
Whitaker Ford

Willow Springs

(3-01) Enlarge Hardscrabble Crossroads. View looking north up the wartime main road between Vicksburg and Port Gibson. Confederates withdrawing from Grand Gulf turned north here crossing the Big Black River at Hankinson's Ferry, 3 1/2 miles north

(3-01) Enlarge Kennison Creek, one mile south of Hardscrabble Crossroads. View looking south. Cockrell's Confederate Brigade was deployed nearby overlooking the creek, to cover Loring's crossing of the Big Black at Hankinson's Ferry


(3-01) Enlarge Willows (wartime Willow Springs). View looking east up old Port Gibson Road. Historic Road (McCaa) from Grindstone Ford at right. Historic Ingleside Road at left. McClernand's XIII Corps camped in and around Willow Springs, May 3. The Confederate setup a roadblock on the McCaa Road
August 2009 historical marker rededication: Skirmish at Willow Springs

(3-08) Enlarge Willow Springs. Junction of Old Port Gibson Road and historic McCaa Road. View to the south from Ingleside Road


(3-08) Enlarge Willow Springs. McCaa Road 0.1 mi. south of Old Port Gibson Road, view looking south


(March 2008) Enlarge Rocky Springs Methodist Church from Old Port Gibson Road
For more Rocky Springs photos see Vicksburg Campaign, a Virtual Tour Rocky Springs

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