VNMP Tour Stop 11
Great Redoubt

March 17, 2013 Enlarge
New Interpretive Marker
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Third Louisiana Redan
Surrender Interview Site
Flag of Truce Site


(3-2011) Enlarge East face
(3-2007) Enlarge East face

(3-2011) Enlarge South face. Louisiana Memorial at right. NPS Tour Guide: Like the Third Louisiana Redan (Tour Stop 3), this massive Confederate earthwork guarded the Jackson Road. The Federal attack here on May 22 was repulsed with heavy losses. Union artillery subsequently kept the redoubt under almost continuous bombardment
Panorama from Confederate Avenue (March 03)
Louisiana Memorial restoration

(3-08) East face Enlarge
Union Position Tablet on east face
CSA Position Tablet on east face
35th Mississippi


(5-2011) Enlarge  Detail Located at Tour Stop 11 is the memorial to Confederate Brigadier-General Llyod Tilghman, commander of the First Brigade, Loring's Division. General Tilghman was killed at the Battle of Champion Hill. This monument was erected May 19, 1926 and was donated by his sons, Frederick and Sidell

(3-07) Enlarge View from near old NPS park office

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