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(March 17, 2013) Enlarge New interpretive marker near the Pennsylvania Monument


(March 17, 2013) Enlarge View from near the Pennsylvania Monument


(3-08) Enlarge The equestrian statue of Grant marks his field headquarters location. The Union commander directed siege operations from here before moving to Vicksburg on July 6th, two days after the surrender

(2006) Enlarge
Richard Edling photo

(3-2011) Enlarge   (3-2011) Enlarge

Grant's headquarters on July 3. He is receiving General Pemberton's message. (From a sketch made at the time)

  (3-08) Enlarge Information markers at Grant's Circle: Campaign, Siege and Defense of Vicksburg, 1863
Marker 1: Battle of Port Gibson, May 1
Marker 2: Engagement at Raymond, May 12
Marker 3: Engagement at Jackson, May 14
Marker 4: Battle of Champion Hill, May 16
Marker 5: Engagement at Big Black River Bridge, May 17
Marker 6: Assault on Confederate line of defense, May 19
Marker 7: Assault on Confederate line of defense, May 22
Marker 8: Siege operations, May 23 - July 4
Marker 9: General summary of casualties, May 29 - July 4

Grant's Headquarters Page1     Page2

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