Ewing's Approach to the Stockade Redan

(3-2011) North of Tour Stop 5 parking area (Stockade Redan Attack). Marker: Beginning of Ewing's approach to the Confederate Stockade Redan. Work on it began May 23, 1863, by details from his Brigade and from 1st and 3d Brigades, 3d Division, 15th Corps
Ewing's Approach markers near Stockade Redan


(3-96) Old Graveyard Road between Tour Stop 5 (Stockade Redan Attack) and Tour Stop 10 (Stockade Redan). Marker: On the line of Ewing's approach. From this marker it followed the Graveyard Road to the end of the approach


(3-97) Ewing's Approach. Remains of the approach can be seen between the two markers at lower right. Stockade Redan in background

(3-2011) Enlarge Another view of the approach markers
(3-02) Stockade Redan in left background  

(3-02) Stockade Redan in upper left corner. Marker: Point at which a gallery for a mine started June 24 from right trench cavalier

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