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Battlefield of the Big Black River.  The tired and beaten Confederate field army spent the evening of May 16 manning and preparing their defenses in anticipation of a Union assault the next morning.  The low ridge running left to right in the picture above shows the approximate location of the Confederate defenses east of the Big Black River.  This portion of the line constitutes the northern end of the Confederate defenses and also saw the most action during the brief engagement.  The picture was taken from U.S. Highway 80 and is looking to the east   Locate on Map


Taken from near Gin Lake on the Big Black River Battlefield, this picture shows the southern end of the Confederate defenses, which would be located about 50 yards out into the field. The view is looking to the east   Locate on Map


Enlarge Shot of the present-day railroad bridge over the Big Black River.  The supports for the wartime bridge can be seen in the foreground of the photograph.  After the battle of the Big Black, Confederate troops retreated hastily across this bridge, burning it once they were across.  They would be in Vicksburg by that evening   Locate on Map

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