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Shot of the Yeiser house looking at its east side.  The two windows on the right are in the room in which General Tilghman died.  Aside from the Coker house, this one is the only other surviving structure on the battlefield
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Enlarge This photograph was taken from near the spot where the Champion house stood during the battle of Champion Hill.  The old live oak tree on the left of the picture was planted by the wife of Sid Champion.  The picture is looking to the west toward the Jackson Road and probably shows the Champion's front yard.  After the battle, this house was also used as a field hospital where amputations were conducted in the family dining room.  Supposedly, the blood ran so thick from the multiple amputations that the doctors had to cut a hole through the dining room floor to allow the blood to drain.  Although the house remained relatively intact following the battle, it would not survive the war as it was burned during Sherman's march back through the area after the fall of Vicksburg some three months later   Locate on Map


Downtown Edwards looking to the east down the Southern Railroad of Mississippi.  After the battle of Champion Hill, Edwards was an occupied town and many Federal troops camped near here before they set out for the
Big Black River the next morning. The wartime Edwards Station was west of this district of modern day Edwards  
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View looking down the Jackson Road just west of Edwards.  This is the route of both the Confederate retreat of the evening of May 16 and the Union pursuit the following day.  The view is looking to the east towards Edwards   Locate on Map

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