Battle of Champion Hill, a Virtual Tour: March 2004 Photos


The following photos were taken March 19 & 20, 2004. They are courtesy of Owner/Webmaster Bruce Schulze.  Members of the March tour group were: Brian Risher and his first cousin, Rob Risher, MS, Loren Drummond, WI, Bruce Schulze and his son, Micah, OK.

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Enlarge During our earlier visits to the Crossroads this elevated corner of the junction had always been heavily overgrown. It now offers a much more clearer view of the vital Crossroads. To the right is the D.J. Johnson Road (wartime Ratliff Plantation Road), The wartime Middle Road juts off in the distance and the wartime Jackson Road makes a sharp turn from the left into trees in the upper left of the picture


This view was taken a few minutes before we left the battlefield and headed for home. The view is looking down into the Jackson Road cut from high ground approximately 200 yards south of the Champion Hill crest and east of the road. From Left: Rob, Brian, Micah and Loren


Ravine east of Jackson Road and north of the wartime cornfield which was located at the northeast corner of the Crossroads


Another ravine near the one shown in the previous photo

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