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Gainesville, Texas

April 24, 2010: Confederate Memorial Day Services: Greenwood Cemetery, Dallas, TX and the First Presbyterian Church, Gainesville, TX.

Members of the Lucy Holcombe Pickens Chapter 2615, United Daughters of the Confederacy along with members of the Lee-Bourland Camp 1848 attended Confederate Memorial Day Service held in Gainesville, TX at the First Presbyterian Church on April 24, 2010.
The ladies were Wilda Tisdale, Judy Flowers, Linda Cassidy, Helen McIllwain, Angela Howe, Donna Killian, and Shirley McCaskill.

The services in Dallas were held at the Greenwood Cemetery.

Photos submitted by Gainesville Camp 1848 Commander, Joe White.

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First Presbyterian Church, Gainesville

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Greenwood Cemetery, Dallas


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