Kittrell Confederate Cemetery
Confederate General Hospital Number One
Kittrell Springs, NC

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Confederate General Hospital Number One at Kittrell Springs, North Carolina, is little remembered today. Set up late in the war to handle casualties from the Petersburg campaign, it was a relatively small-scale affair with not much more than 300 beds. The site appears to have been chosen mainly because Kittrell was on a railway junction and the Kittrell Springs Hotel available for impressments. Altogether about 2,I06 men were treated there between June 1864 and April 1865. Of these, 66 or 68 died, and the cause of death is known in 54 of these. Gunshot wounds accounted for only 7% compared to 28% from typhoid, 20% from pneumonia and 7% from diarrhea. At least 31% of typhoid and 36% of pneumonia patients died. Measles and diarrhea cut down most fighting men. Although relatively few soldiers died from measles alone, it was one of the most feared diseases because of its 'sequelae' or after-effects. All too often this was where pneumonia found its opening. With Sherman advancing from the South and Grant hammering at Lee to the North, patient numbers swelled to a maximum. Some were teenagers from the North Carolina Junior Reserves, 16 of whom died in the hospital. Men and boys were still dying after Johnston's surrender. Then, at last, the trains stopped coming.
Fifty-four Confederate soldiers, who died at the hospital are buried in the cemetery. St. James Episcopal Church, built in 1860, administered to the patients and provided Christian burial to the soldiers interred at the nearby Confederate Cemetery. The soldiers in the cemetery are from North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia and South Carolina.

Kittrell Confederate Cemetery marker on Rt.1   Cemetery information sign

Kittrell Confederate Cemetery
Fifty-four Confederate soldiers who died at Confederate general hospital number one are buried in the cemetery. The soldiers in the cemetery are from North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia and South Carolina


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