Yulee Sugar Mill Ruins
Homosassa, Florida

Courtesy of Richard Edling, Philadelphia, PA
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Yulee Sugar Mill Ruins Historic State Park

A Florida State Park located in Homosassa, off U.S. 19. It contains the ruins of a sugar plantation owned by David Levy Yulee. Yulee was part of the Territorial Legislative Council, and was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate after Florida became a state. The site was added to the National Register of Historic Places on August 12, 1970. The original plantation covered more than 5,000 acres, worked by approximately 1,000 slaves. Among the crops raised were sugar cane, citrus, and cotton. The steam-driven mill produced sugar, syrup and molasses, the last of which was part of the rum-making process. It operated from 1851 to 1864 and served as a supplier of sugar products for southern troops during the Civil War. Yulee's home was on what is now known as Tiger Tail Island. It was burned in May 1864 when the Union blockaders came up the Homosassa River. The Northern troops then freed Yulee's slaves, ending the operation of the sugar mill. During a visit to this small park you will see the ruins of this once prosperous mill. Still standing are the steam boiler, crushing machinery, and large cooking kettles (all shipped to Florida from New York) used to process the sugar cane. Also remaining is the stonework chimney, well and foundation all quarried and constructed by the slaves. A small oval pathway leads visitors around the ruins to interpretive plaques that explain how the system worked. Across the street from the ruins is the park's picnic area. A six-table pavilion is available to groups on a first-come-first-serve basis. Grills and picnic tables are also scattered throughout the picnic area. Restrooms are available. There are no fees charged to visit the park.
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(11-2006) Yulee Sugar Mill Ruins State Historic Site
This 6 acre historic site was given by Claude Brooks Root in 1923 to the Citrus County Federate of Women's Clubs who in turn donated it to the state of Florida in 1953


(11-2006) Front of mill
Interpretive Marker: Cane Harvesting

Interpretive Marker: Sugar Mills
Interpretive Marker: David Levy Yulee


(11-2006) Furnace and the five kettles described in the interpretive marker
Interpretive Marker

  (11-2006) "Propre" kettle (left) and the "Grande" kettle

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