Winchester, Virginia (1st, 2nd and 3rd battles)

The following photos/text courtesy of Alan M. Di Sciullo, Esq., Princeton Jct, NJ and Lee Hohenstein, Omaha, NE
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1st Winchester

The area in which the battle of First Winchester was fought in 1862 is fully developed. All that remains to indicate the battlefield are several trail markers and a map with descriptions provided by the Winchester-Frederick County Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Jackson and Banks met again on May 24, 1862 with Bank's positioning troops south of Winchester on Bower's Hill. Jackson routed the Union troops in a fairly decisive victory.

Apart from the two signs, directions from the Visitor's Bureau direct you to the area by John Handley High School and along Valley Avenue where Confederate troops under Richard Taylor and Richard Ewell rolled up US Brigadier General Alpheus William's division which fled through Winchester.


Photo by Alan M. Di Sciullo, Esq.


Marker in previous photo
Photo by Alan M. Di Sciullo, Esq.



The second battle of Winchester was part of the overall Gettysburg campaign as the Confederates moved from the Chancellorsville battlefield into Pennsylvania.
On June 14th, Confederate forces numbering 14,000 under General Richard Ewell-Jubal Early's troops advancing-attacked 6,900 federal troops under Major General Robert Milroy garrisoned in three forts-West, Main and Star-Northwest of the town. Early rolled up Keifer's troops in West Fort , which retreated to Main Fort. McReynold's troops in Star Fort  retreated north to Stephenson Depot.
The area by Route 522 shows the general direction of Early's march against West Fort.
The depression in the second picture shows the approximate location of West Fort.
There are no remains of either Main or Star Fort

Photo by Alan M. Di Sciullo, Esq.
Photo by Alan M. Di Sciullo, Esq.
Photo by Alan M. Di Sciullo, Esq.
   The depression marks the approximate location of West Fort
Photo by Alan M. Di Sciullo, Esq.
Rt. 522
Photo by Alan M. Di Sciullo, Esq.

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