Stephenson's Depot, Virginia

The following photos/text courtesy of Alan M. Di Sciullo, Esq., Princeton Jct, NJ and Richard Edling, Philadelphia, PA
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1. Battle at Stephenson's Depot Virginia
2. Second Battle of Winchester - Wikipedia
Following the loss the previous day at 2nd Winchester, federal troops retreated north but were cut off on June 15th by Generals Steuart and Nicholl's who occupied the ground in front of the current sign.
The 13th Pennsylvania Cavalry occupied a hill top just west of the Confederates.
In a separate action, Pa and Md troops tried to use the concealment of a stone wall (still standing) to encircle the confederates but were stopped before they were successful.
Milroy's federal command escaped but opened the way to Lee's invasion of the North culminating in defeat at Gettysburg.
The following year, Sheridan's horseman advanced along the roads and fields here at Stephenson's Depot in their successful advance on Ft. Collier in the battle of 3rd Winchester

Action at Stephenson's Depot, June 15, 1863
Alan M. Di Sciullo photo


Alan M. Di Sciullo photo


Alan M. Di Sciullo photo
Alan M. Di Sciullo photo
Alan M. Di Sciullo photo

(October 2008) Stephenson's Depot marker
Richard Edling photo

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