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Photos/text this page courtesy of William Bozic, Houston, TX

(12-2006) Here are some markers located at Fort Brown at what was once the interior of the earthen fort. Today the area is a parking lot for the golf course

Professor Anthony Knopp of UTB and the descendants of Mexican War Veterans ( are responsible for the markers and flag pole

Obviously this fort played a major role in the Mexican War (1846-1848), but it should be remembered that while the Union Navy blockaded the Southern States, Mexico was not, and could not, be blockaded by the Federal Navy, so supplies were landed in Mexico and brought across the Rio Grande River in exchange for Confederate cotton. Matamoros and Bagdad, Mexico are extremely close. Matamoros is a stone's throw distant


(12-2006) Enlarge Original Fort Brown Site


(12-2006) Enlarge The Siege of Fort Brown


(12-2006) Detail Stone monument at Fort Brown
Selection from Fort Brown Texas: A New Frontier

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