Tredegar Iron Works
Richmond, VA

1. William Bozic, TX (2013)
2. John Okuley, OH (2007)
3. Russ Warner, PA (2006)
4. Bill Weisheit, OH (1973)
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(2013) Enlarge History
This history accompanies the model of the Tredegar Iron Works


(2013) Enlarge Model Legend
This key/legend is located adjacent to the model of Tredegar Iron Works. Since the factory is in ruins and changes have occurred over time the legend is essential in understanding the locations of buildings. It also should be noted the factory complex made items out of bronze, as well as iron, and other materials. This industrial complex was vital to the armament of the Confederate war effort


(2013) Enlarge Model
There are three models of the Tredegar Iron Works. This model depicts the works during the War Between The States. The other two models cover the periods prior and preceding the War Between The States. All three models are located near the entrance to the NPS Museum at Tredegar in Richmond

1861 Gun Foundry
Bulldozer Press
Carpenter Shop
Company Store
Cupola Furnace and Foundry
Francis Water Power Turbine  2
Iron Horse  2
Lincoln Statue
Old Gun Foundry  2
Pattern Building  2
Rolling Mill Machinery
Toledo 1000-ton Press
Visitor Center
Water Gates
Water Power Turbines
Photos/text this page courtesy of Russ Warner, PA    

(8-2006) Tredegar Iron Works Enlarge

Interpretive Marker: Early Industrial Patterns
Interpretive Marker: Neighborhoods at Tredegar

Interpretive Marker: The Canal and the Civil War
Interpretive Marker: Rutherfoord's Mill
Interpretive Marker: Tredegar Spike Mill


(8-2006) Richmond Civil War Visitor Center Enlarge
Layout of Tredegar (Today)
Layout of Tredegar (Before)

(8-2006) Richmond Civil War Visitor Center  

(8-2006) Elevator to upper level of the Pattern Building which houses the NPS Visitor Center

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