Lincoln's New Salem State Historic Park
Petersburg, Illinois

Photos/text courtesy of Lee G. Hohenstein, Omaha, Nebraska
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1. Lincoln's New Salem State Historic Site
2. New Salem, Menard County, Illinois - Wikipedia

This reconstructed 1830's village served at its height 25 families and the surrounding farming community in a 10-mile radius. Abe Lincoln settled here in 1831 at the age of 22 where he clerked in a store, was postmaster and deputy surveyor, failed in a business and was elected to the Illinois General Assembly in 1834 and again in 1836. He moved in 1837 to Springfield to practice law, a distance of 20 miles. The village declined as some businesses moved two miles upstream to Petersburg which became the county seat. Its decline was also hastened by the Sangamon River changing its course further to the east.


(10-2006) Enlarge Graham marker in cemetery two miles south


(10-2006) Enlarge New Salem marker

(10-2006) Enlarge Credit for its reconstruction  

(10-2006) Entrance to Lincoln's New Salem State Historic Park

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