Fernandina Beach, Florida

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The Civil War brought massive social, political, and civil upheaval to Fernandina Beach and Amelia Island. Local residents espoused a myriad of perspectives and points of views, with some remaining loyal to the United States, others casting their lot with the Confederacy, and many simply trying to escape from the conflict altogether. The years 1861 to 1865 would see the little island occupied by both the Confederate and Federal armies. Although spared large-scale bloodshed, the military presence and uncertainty of armed conflict disrupted the normal routine for all residents. One of the great ironies of the bitter conflict was the growth and prosperity that came to Fernandina soon after the war was directly as a result of so many northern soldiers gaining their first taste of Florida life during the struggle.
Fernandina Beach is the only United States location to have been under eight different national flags: French, Spanish, British, American Patriots (1812), Green Cross of Florida (1817), Mexican, Confederate, and American.
Native American bands associated with the Timucuan mound-building culture settled on the island circa 1000, which they called Napoyca. They would remain on Napoyca until the early 18th century.
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(11-2006) Fernandina Beach


(11-2006) Fernandina Beach

(11-2006) Enlarge First Presbyterian Church   (11-2006) First Presbyterian Church

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