Coosawhatchie, SC

Photos/text courtesy of John Guss, Bennett Place Historic Site
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(February 2008) Historical marker in Coosawhatchie

(February 2008) The wartime Charleston-Savannah Railroad ran near Coosawhatchie


(February 2008) I-95 Frontage Road Bridge over the Coosawhatchie River


(February 2008) Coosawhatchie River. In the distance the railroad line defended by Confederate troops


(February 2008) Coosawhatchie and Robert E. Lee

Marker reads: Following the capture of Hilton Head, Beaufort, and the nearby sea inlands in the fall of 1861, General Robert E. Lee was given command of the coastal military department of South Carolina, Georgia, and East Florida. From his headquarters at Coosawhatchie, about 4 miles SW, he planned the strategy and defenses which successfully contained the enemy until the end of the war

  (February 2008) Fighting near Coosawhatchie

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