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Charlestown Navy Yard & the U.S.S. Constitution

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USS Constitution Museum
Established in 1800, Charlestown Navy Yard served the fleet with distinction--especially proving its worth in each of the nation's wars--until its closing in 1974. The men and women of its workforce built more than 200 warships and maintained and repaired thousands. From its inception the yard was in the forefront of shipyard technology, from building the Navy's only ropewalk to making itself a center of missile and electronics conversions. In its 174-year history, Charlestown Navy Yard played an important role in the birth, growth, and continued effectiveness of the U.S. Navy
Interpretive Marker (Dedication)
Interpretive Marker (Working in the Yard)
Interpretive Marker (The Changing Yard)


USS Constitution at Pier 1
Interpretive Marker (Serving the Fleet)
Civil War History, Courtesy of Official Homepage
Her days of regular operational duties are over. "Old Ironsides" is laid up at the Navy Yard in Portsmouth, NH, for conversion into a training ship
1860: August 1  The CONSTITUTION begins a decade-long stint as a school ship at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD
1861: April 21 Clear threats are made against her safety upon the outbreak of the Civil War. As preparations are being made for her movement farther north, a group of Massachusetts volunteer soldiers arrives at Annapolis onboard the steamer MARYLAND. Several companies of these troops are placed onboard the CONSTITUTION; unfortunately, the ship runs aground as they try to leave harbor. After some difficulty, she is towed by the steamer BOSTON into deeper water. On April 26 she begins a three-day trip to New York, towed by the steam gunboat R.R. CUYLER
1861-1865: The CONSTITUTION moves to Newport, RI, where the Naval Academy relocates. She resumes duty as a training ship for the duration of the Civil War
1865: August "Old Ironsides" moves back to Annapolis, along with the rest of the Naval Academy, after the end of the war. During the voyage she proves faster than her tug, and is allowed to continue alone under sail. At one point, despite her age, she is recorded running at nine knots; she arrives at Hampton Roads ten hours ahead of the steam tug
See Official Homepage for complete history


Dry Dock 1. Officially opened on June 24, 1833, when USS Constitution entered the facility
Interpretive Marker ("Old Ironsides" in Dry Dock 1)


Dry Dock 1

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