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(April 8, 2012) Enlarge While going to the site of the battle, do not be deterred by seeing a subdivision. We were afraid we had gone on to private property, but noticed a side road to the park. Still it was a little uneasy to have people watching us from their backyards as we approached the battlefield park which is open to the public
Union Troops (9th NJ, 51st NY, 21st MA, 51st PA) under Jesse Reno made a break-through near here. The CSA earthworks are in the park which is behind the homes

(April 8, 2012) Enlarge New Bern Battlefield Park Entrance
This is the entrance sign to the New Bern Battlefield Park which was open to the public on April 8, 2012 in the late afternoon. There were paper guides to help follow the trails to see the nearly pristine earthworks



(April 8, 2012) Enlarge Cannon Display
This cannon display is located at the visitor pavilion of the New Bern Battlefield Park. There was a Confederate 2 gun battery to guard the Weathersby Road located out of view in the far distance of this photo. The photo was taken April 8, 2012 in the late afternoon facing toward the unseen location of the CSA 2-gun battery

(April 8, 2012) Enlarge Battle of New Bern Metal Marker
This marker is located at the start of the trail, just behind the visitor pavilion and parking area.. The 33rd North Carolina Infantry was posted near this spot


(April 8, 2012) Enlarge Marker and New Bern Battlefield Trail Start
Redan #2 occupied by the 26th North Carolina Infantry is located nearby



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