Jefferson Davis Monument State Historic Site
Fairview, Kentucky

Photos/narratives courtesy of Brian Risher, MS and Richard Edling, Philadelphia, PA
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Jefferson Davis State Historic Site
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From the Jefferson Davis State Historic Site brochure:
Jefferson Davis State Historic Site
In 1907, at a reunion of the Orphan Brigade of the Confederate Army in Glasgow, Kentucky, plans were conceived for constructing a monument at the birthplace of Jefferson Davis in Fairview, Kentucky. General Simon Bolivar Buckner, a famous Confederate general from Munfordville, Kentucky, proposed a resolution for building a monument at Fairview to perpetuate the memory of Jefferson Davis. The Jefferson David Home Association was formed and a fund-raising campaign for the project was begun.
In April of 1909, the group paid $7,02 for seven tracts of land totaling 20 acres, and approximately $150,000 was raised during the next eight years. In 1917, construction of the worldıs tallest concrete obelisk began. C. G. Gregg of Louisville designed and ultimately carried the construction through to completion, but not before overcoming many obstacles.
Although construction was started in 1917, the next year it was necessary to halt building operations because of World War I. The partially completed monument stood untouched for several years and when construction was resumed, costs had risen to such a level that the project ran into serious financial difficulties.
The United Daughters of the Confederacy raised an additional $20,000 and the Kentucky General Assembly appropriated $15,000 to pay for the cost of an elevator.
On June 7, 1924, dedication ceremonies were held, seven years and $200,000 after construction began. The 351-foot tower is the fourth-highest monument in the United States.
The electric elevator was dedicated in 1929 and the monument was rededicated in connection with Kentuckyıs observance of the 175th anniversary of statehood on September 16, 1967. The monument was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973. It was renovated in 1977-78 and again in 1988-90.
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Jefferson Davis state Historic Site
P. O. Box 10
Fairview, Kentucky 42221-0010
(502) 886-1765
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Photos/text this page courtesy of Brian Risher

(May 2005) Jefferson Davis Monument State Historic Site Visitor Center
Brian Risher photo


(May 2005) Jefferson Davis Monument State Historic Site
Brian Risher photo


(May 2005) Enlarge Interpretive marker
Brian Risher photo


(May 2005) Enlarge Monument
See Page3 for views from the monument
Brian Risher photo

(May 2005) Monument
Brian Risher photo
  (May 2005) Enlarge  Plaque above entrance
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