Greencastle, Pennsylvania
Corporal William H. Rihl

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1. Corporal Rihl: Allison-Antrim Museum, Greencastle, PA
2. The American Civil War: Cpl William H. Rihl 1st NY Cavalry
3. (Corporal) Rihl Monument
4. Borough of Greencastle

Corporal William H. Rihl of Philadelphia, was a member of the 1st New York cavalry regiment. On June 22, 1863, Rihl's company with forty-three men made a dash on Confederate General A. G. Jenkin's advance scouting party and drove them back to the main command. M.S. Cafferty and Corporal Rihl were struck down in a volley from a body of Confederate infantry lying in a wheat field south of the Fleming house. The result was the wounding of Cafferty in the leg and the death of Rihl, the first Union soldier killed north of the Mason Dixon line. The Confederates buried Rihl in a shallow grave on this site. A few days after this, local citizens exhumed Rihl's body and buried it in the Lutheran Cemetery in Greencastle. On June 22, 1886, Rihl's body was removed from the cemetery and reinterred at the site where he had been killed. Members of the Greencastle G.A.R. Post initiated and carried out this move Later they raised the money for monument that now marks Rihl's grave. It is one mile north of Greencastle on Rte. 11. The farm remains in much the same state as it did in June of 1863


(2008) Enlarge Historical marker, US-11, 1 mile north of Greencastle, PA

(2008) Enlarge Close-up of the marker



(2008) The Olde Fleming Farm, US-11, 1 mile north of Greencastle, PA

(2008) Enlarge The Olde Fleming Farm


(2008) Enlarge The Olde Fleming Farm


(2008) Enlarge The Olde Fleming Farm and the Corporal Rihl monument

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