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(May 2016) Enlarge Markers on the grounds of the Welcome Center

(May 2016) Enlarge Tour Stop-2: South Mills Locks
North Carolina Civil War Trails Interpretive Marker: Battle of South Mills - Fight for the Canal
Expedition to Destroy Dismal Swamp Canal
Dismal Swamp Canal - Wikipedia
Dismal Swamp Canal Welcome Center
Great Dismal Swamp Megasite
Dismal Swamp Canal Map‎
North Carolina Canals - Dismal Swamp Canal


(May 2016) Enlarge South Mills Locks on Dismal Swamp Canal, view looking south

The wartime locks site and canal channel are west of the present day locks. This Website has an aerial view of the wartime canal and site of the locks


(May 2016) Enlarge South Mills Locks


(November 2017) Enlarge Wartime Dismal Swamp Canal, west of the present present day canal. The original locks were just beyond the trees in the right background. View looking north


(November 2017) Enlarge View of the Wartime Dismal Swamp Canal looking south

(May 2016) Enlarge Panorama of the South Mills Locks

(May 2016) Enlarge Dismal Swamp Canal about 50 yards north of the locks


(May 2016) Enlarge Tour Stop-3: South Mills Battlefield
North Carolina Battle of South Mills Historical Marker, State Hwy. 343 about 3 miles south of the South Mills Locks. Panorama of the battlefield on next page
Battle of South Mills - Wikipedia
Battle of South Mills
Battle of South Mills, 19 April 1862
South Mills, Battle of - NCpedia
Plan of Battle of South Mills. Dismal Swamp Canal, N.C

Battle Summary: South Mills, NC
South Mills battle of 1862 still inspires conflict
Expedition to Destroy Dismal Swamp Canal
Marker: A-8 - NC Highway Historical Marker Program

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