Battle for the Bridge, KY
Battle of Rowletts Station
Battle and Siege of Munfordsville
Battle of Woodsonville

Photos/Text courtesy of William J. Bechmann III, Cincinnati, OH
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Kentucky's Civil War Heritage Guide & Map (pdf)
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1. Battle for the Bridge Historic Preserve
2. Battle fought over railroad bridge: Glasgow Daily Times
3. Battle for the Bridge-Union Occupation of Munfordville
4. Battle for the Bridge - Battlefields on
5. Battle of Rowlett's Station - Wikipedia

6. Rowlett's Station (Woodsonville, Green River )
7. Woodsonville - Civil War in Kentucky
Anthony Woodson Farm
Anthony Woodson House
Battle for the Bridge Historic Preserve
Bechmann, Bill
Bechmann, Neil
Camp Wood (Union)
Charlie Dowling Road
Colonel Robert Smith Monument
Fort Craig  2
General Braxton Bragg Headquarters
Green River
Green River Bridge (wartime remains)
Green River Cemetery
Hart County Courthouse
Hart County Courthouse Square
Louisville and Nashville Railroad
L&N Railroad Bridge  2  3
Marker: Anthony Woodson Farm
Marker: Battle of Munfordville
Marker: Battle of Munfordville-Day 1
Marker: Battle of Munfordville-The Siege
Marker: Battle of Rowlett's Station
Marker: Bridge Pontooniers
Marker: Fort Craig
Marker: Great Buffalo Crossing
Marker: Kentucky and the Western War
Marker: L&N Railroad Bridge
Marker: L&N Railroad Bridge (2)
Marker: L&N Turnpike
Marker: Munfordville in the Civil War
Marker: Rowlett's Train Station
Marker: The Raider (John Hunt Morgan)
Marker: The Preserve
Marker: Welcome to Historic Munfordville
Marker: Woodson Farm Map
Munfordville Mural
Old Munford Inn
Pontoon Bridge Site
Rowlett's Station
Thelma Stovall Park
Visitor Center
Woodsonville Road

(April 2012) Enlarge The Battle for the Bridge Historic Preserve (entrance from 31W to the Anthony Woodson House)
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(April 2012) Enlarge The Anthony Woodson House visitor center



(April 2012) Enlarge   Detail The Preserve interpretive sign

(April 2012) Enlarge   Detail  The Woodson Farm map


(April 2012) Enlarge Commonwealth of Kentucky historical marker (L&N Railroad Bridge-Louisville and Nashville Railroad)


(April 2012) Enlarge The modern bridge from downtown Munfordville (left) to Woodsonville (right)

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