Culpeper, Virginia

1. Richard Edling, Philadelphia, PA
2. George Petropol, Manassas, VA

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1. Battle of Culpeper:
2. Reports from Culpeper Court House: NY Times
3. Virginia Historical Society: Manuscripts and Archives
4. Welcome to Culpeper, Virginia

(December 2007) Enlarge Culpeper interpretive marker
Richard Edling photo

(December 2007) Enlarge Modern day Virginia House Hotel from previous marker
Richard Edling photo


(December 2007) Enlarge Railroad Station
Marker: Battle of Culpeper Court House
Marker: 1863-64 Winter Encampment
Richard Edling photo


(2011) Enlarge Confederate statue at the court house
George Petropol photo

(2011) Enlarge Confederate statue
George Petropol photo

(2011) Enlarge St. Stephen's Episcopal Church. Gen. Jeb Stuart attended services here during the winter of 1862-63
George Petropol photo

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