Tallassee, Alabama

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2. History of Tallassee, Alabama (pdf)

3. Confederate Manufacturers
4. Tallassee Armory Guards
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6. Civil War Carbines

Tallassee (originally called Talisi by the Creek Indians) is a city located on the Tallapoosa River in Alabama. In June 1864, the Confederate army moved the Richmond Carbine Factory from Richmond, Virginia to an old Tallassee cotton mill, which then began manufacturing carbines. During the course of the Civil War, the town of Tallassee was never attacked by Union forces, except for one attempt by the Union Army to destroy the Tallassee Mill. The Tallassee Armory was the only Armory not destroyed by the Union during the Civil War. The Tallassee Armory is in poor condition today and is considered a place in peril. Funds are being raised for it's possible restoration and plans are even in the works to change it into a residential/retail shopping area.


(June 2010) Enlarge Confederate Officers residence

(June 2010) Enlarge Confederate Officers residence. When Confederate Armory moved to Tallassee, 3 homes were constructed on King St. by Confederate government to house officers in command. Only two of the three houses remain



(June 2010) Enlarge Tallassee Armory Overview: Although all of these buildings were used for the Carbine Factory, the large building was the factory where the carbines were made. The pile of charred rubble in the center was a functioning warehouse during the Civil War. It was a victim of arson a couple of years ago

Enlarge Carbine Factory period photo


(June 2010) Enlarge Carbine Factory


(June 2010) Enlarge

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